There are currently five stories planned in the world of the Sacred Sea.

  1. covers the exodus of the people and the foundation of the city
  2. covers the discovery of mirrors and subsequent wealth
  3. covers the golden age and the rise and burst of the economic bubble
  4. covers the rediscovery of the declining city by artists
  5. covers the spread of technology and subsequent societal changes

At the moment, only the first story is actively being worked on, while the other four are still in rough development.

Summary ideas:

This is St. Mare, the shining city of the north, jewel of the great ocean of Pavaluna. She rose out of war and blossomed in the face of adversity where other cities fell. She is the oldest city still standing today, capital of a mighty nation, trade hub, center of knowledge and art and technology, the foremost explorer on the edge of science, bustling and home to millions, but green and gentle and alive, the marriage of land and ocean, the one city where you cannot tell the difference between walking on land and walking underwater. Her history is too grand and complex to tell in full, but there are a select few whose story we can follow to see how she was born and became what she is today.


“My name is Mael. I came out of the fire. My world is burnt, my family dead, my future shattered. My feet bled as you forced me to walk and I watched you rape what was left of my people. You might think that makes me weak and frightened, but you are wrong. I have lost everything and I have nothing more to fear. You should fear me instead.”

Mael has always lived in the Green Forest and knows nothing but a simple life as a hunter and soldier in training. When her home is burned and she emerges from the fires long after everyone thought it possible for someone to survive, she is hailed as spirit touched and her people look to her to lead them on a forced trek to the edge of the known world. Now she must become the matriarch they need, while fighting her deep desire for revenge.